Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had my midwife appointment this evening where she took what she needed for the fetal fibronectin test.  They have to send out the test, though, so we won't hear the results until tomorrow.  Amy didn't know what time of day the test results would be available- I asked.  If the results are negative, I can continue doing what I'm doing.  If they're positive, I'll be put on modified bed rest.  According to babycenter.comA positive result means that your risk of delivering sometime before you reach 35 weeks is higher, and your chance of giving birth in the next week is about 16 percent.  While that is potentially really scary, none of those statistics are certain.
When I walked into the building where the West Suburban Midwife Associates office is located, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of deja vous- something more common now that I'm pregnant for some reason.  However, this felt more like a sense of knowing where I was without knowing why.  I knew that the side door to the storefront shop led to a pharmacy and that I should take the worn marble stairs, not the elevator with the clock right above it.  When I walked into the office, I recognized it as a familiar waiting room.  Within moments, I could picture the small shelf on the wall where there were once wooden alphabet blocks spelling out "dr king" atop another doctor's name that was, at that time, too long for me to read.  My new midwife group's office is my old pediatrician's office!  Very little, if anything, has changed.  They keep a candy jar full of Dum Dums where a can of Safe-T-Pops once stood.  I remember those marble stairs because Mark and I used to race up them while Mom took the elevator with the stroller.  When I was young, I didn't understand why we drove to Jewel-Osco for our medicine instead of going to the medicine store downstairs.  Now, at least, it's more the kind of pharmacy that specializes in somewhat shady products, like a weight loss patch that was advertised in the front window, and medical supplies like bedpans and crutches.  I can't wait to take the elevator one of these days and see what other memories it invokes with its buttons (I'm sure I've pressed every single one before, simultaneously) and ceiling (I always look at the ceiling in elevators for some reason).  Doctor's offices- apparently, something else that comes full circle in pregnancy.

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