Friday, July 20, 2012

On To Undies!

I have exciting news in the ECing arena!  But pictures of that just aren't, well, internet appropriate.  So, I thought I'd share photos of our trip to Illinois earlier this month and let you use your imagination to fill in any blanks (or not, if baby poop isn't your thing...).
Swimming in GG and PaPa's pool!
So the exciting news---- Tye has been in underwear for over a month now!  I have to admit, I would love to share photos of Tye in her undies.  She just looks so cute running around in pink or green briefs!    
"I flying like a bird!" with Coach
 Just to catch everyone up to date: we used Elimination Communication with Tye from about 3 months.  While she was never diaper-free as a baby, she almost immediately began to only have bowel movements in her potty (the only exceptions were bouts of diarrhea).  We continued with ECing into toddlerhood and last summer, even spent a couple weeks sans diapers at home until Tye suddenly decided she really wanted to wear a diaper.  Once she realized she didn't have to stop playing to go potty in her diaper, that was it.  She still only pooped on the toilet and would pee every time she sat, but she wouldn't interrupt play to use the bathroom, and we stayed in that pattern until this spring. (For our entire EC journey, catch up here.)
Etta and GG, readyt to swim
The recent transition to underwear was so smooth and gentle that we don't have a set date of transition.  Since April-ish, Tye has been proudly wearing underwear at home, no exceptions, and diapers only when out of the house.  In early June, we went full-time undies and Tye barely batted an eyelash.  
On 100+ degree days, ice pops are highly preferred over regular parade candy.
 I still have to remind Tye to use the bathroom when playing with friends or when out of the house, and we still use overnight diapers just in case (though she has only wet one in the past several weeks!).  Our biggest accomplishment was our trip to Illinois, during which Tye stayed dry through all kinds of excitement and even on our long road trip!  We had just one accident all 10 days.  Of course, it was on an upholstered couch, but in all fairness, Tye hadn't been prompted to go in a couple hours (yup, it was a big wet spot- sorry, GG!).  
"Whoa!  A parade!  So much to see!"
We're also using EC with Etta, who is doing her best to communicate with us when she needs to go.   When we hold Etta to go, she always eliminates- but she poops so frequently (at least once a day, unlike Tye's once a week routine at this age) that we don't catch all of them yet.  Recently, I've been having a difficult time distinguishing between her "I need to poop" grunts and her "I am trying my hardest to crawl/reach this toy/remind you I'm here" grunts. I'm totally happy with our ECing progress with Etta.  I just really hope that we can figure out a way to communicate clearly before she really takes to eating solids!

Yesterday seemed to sum up our current pottying state pretty well.  While at the park with friends, both Tye and Etta peed on a tree.  How's that for a mental picture?  Of course, I also carry with us a full change of clothes for each.  We're good, but we're also prepared.  
Mama with "bowf girls"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

6 Month Stats

Look at me!!! I'm now 26.5 inches long and up to 15 pounds. The doctor said I'm way ahead developmentally, with my awesome ability to transfer objects from hand to hand and all. Then she saw me sitting and declared I sit with the skills of a 9 month old. She really knows how to make Mama feel good. Of course, I'm already a pro at that, too.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tye's thoughts on coconut water

Ever wondered what breastmilk tastes like? According to Tye, it tastes like coconut water- so much so that she calls coconut water "milk" when requesting the cartons at corner bodegas. Just more evidence that breastmilk is sweet stuff.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Etta, at 6 Months

Dear Etta,

Happy half birthday!  I am really having a hard time comprehending how in the world six months have passed since your birth.  Six months!!!  All I have to do is look at you to be reminded it's true.  You are sitting independently (minus the occasional tip sideways).  You grab for everything in sight, especially items you see us using frequently, like our phones and utensils.  Once you have a hold of an item, you don't just shove it in your mouth; you transfer it from hand to hand as you inspect it, rotate it, inspect it some more, taste it a little, and inspect it again.  Whenever you end up lying on your back, your chunky toes are immediately shoved into your mouth.  You're experimenting with your voice, discovering it's abilities and making your presence known to the world.  By far my favorite development is your new ability to reach for me and then wrap your chubby arms around me as I hold you close.  You melt my heart.  

As you grow, you and Tye are becoming closer and enjoying each other more with each day.  Most mornings, you sleep in later than the rest of the family.  When you wake and begin to happily play with your toes or the bed sheets, I let Tye know you're awake, to which she responds excitedly, "Etta awake!  My little sister awake!" Then she runs into the bedroom and jumps into the big bed to say "Good morning, Etta!" and gives you kisses.  A kissy cuddlefest ensues with the two of you beaming and giggling, setting the tone for the rest of our day together.  
The other day as you sat in the grass while Tye was swinging, you turned your head side to side to follow your big sister in the swing as she went back and forth.  One of your favorite games to play together is for Tye to dress up in her finest princess apparel and run from the front of the house to the back while you sit along her path like a race spectator.  Every time she passes, you turn your head quickly to follow her and your face lights up in a huge smile.  The other favorite sister pastime is giggling.  First, you squeal happily, which sends Tye into hysterical laughter, which then causes you to squeal in delight, and the cycle continues.  I suppose as a mother of two girls I have years of this ahead of me, but I still feel like I can't get enough of it.  

You've now experienced your first dip in a summer pool, your first roadtrip to visit family in Illinois, your first Fourth of July fireworks, and your first time in a swing; and I know the firsts are going to keep coming in rapid succession.  After all, six months is the recommended age at which a child can be introduced to solid foods- a thought that nearly sends me into shock.  My baby is old enough to eat real foods?!?  In reality, I don't expect you to be eating any time soon- you still have to practice your pincer grasp and lose your tongue thrust reflex, two prerequisite skills for solid food feeding.  But you're close, and you're interested.  It won't be long before I'll be posting photos of you covered in avocado and sweet potato.  For now, I'm cherishing these last days of exclusive breastfeeding and proudly reveling in the idea that those rolly-polly thighs and chubby arm creases came from God's perfect food for you- me.  

Here I am again, Etta, wishing each moment would last a little longer, each second stretch into just a few more.  I'm absolutely looking forward to the future- seeing you crawl and walk, and hearing your voice-  I just wish sometimes that it would come a little more slowly.  One day you'll understand.  Until then, forgive me while I shower you in kisses and breathe in your sweetness every chance I have.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.



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