Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 weeks, here we come!

I got the call from my midwife's office today that the fetal fibronectin test results were negative!  That means I have very little chance of going into labor in the next two weeks.  In two weeks, we'll go through the test again, and then again two weeks later, and then probably two weeks after that- and then we're in the clear!  Just knowing that Baby Girl is going to make it to 30 weeks is such sweet relief.  30 weeks seems to be a major milestone in development, much like 35 and 37 weeks will be later.  They may be arbitrary numbers, but doctors really base their decisions upon those numbers.
It's past 10:30 and Mark and Todd just left- they saved me after I locked myself out of our condo tonight.  Todd had some experience breaking down our door... One weekend, when Todd was watching Mico for us, the lock broke with the key inside of it and Mico inside our place, so Todd, Tiana, and our upstairs neighbor broke down the door to get to Mico.  Tonight, I just grabbed the wrong set of keys and drove to Mark's place to watch the Sox game.  I had my car keys, cell phone, wallet, garage door opener, dog (Mico came with), everything I could need- except a way to get into my condo unit.  Tiana has an extra set, but she's in Bloomington.  Our dog walker has a set, but she stopped showing up to take out Mico on Thursday and hasn't returned any of my calls since then (a whole other issue...).  Fortunately, I was at Mark's when I realized my mistake.  He and Todd went to Home Depot with me, where we picked up a new lock set and a crowbar.  
When we got back, Mark strong-armed the lock until it broke (about 15 seconds) and then Todd stepped up with the crowbar and popped the door open like it was nothing.  I was inside in less than 30 seconds total, thanks to them!  (How scary is that, though?  When my deadbolt isn't locked, our place isn't even slightly secured- a lesson that will stay with me!!!)  Mark and Todd were nice enough to stay and help me install the new handle lock and deadbolt, and I paid them in food (leftover sandwich and mashed potatoes from Jerry's and homemade potato salad).  Without them, could you imagine the scene?  I would have been the pregnant woman with the big belly trying to hip-check her door down, her huge, confused dog watching her with his head tilted.  
Sometimes I imagine how I must look to other people and the image is so hilarious that I laugh out loud- like a pregnant me trying to break down a door.  Or this morning, when I was taking Mico out before work.  I was walking in the rain with an umbrella, which amused Mico to no end, and he kept jumping up towards the umbrella.  I can just picture myself waddling down the street in the rain with my belly barely protected by the umbrella, walking a huge gray dog who is alternating between drinking out of puddles and jumping up to try to attack the umbrella I'm holding.  What a sight.  Well, Mark and Todd, thank you for saving me from having two such incidences in one day and for helping me get into my home!

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