Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer at 25 weeks!

Here I am, 1 day short of 25 weeks.  The belly just keeps growing!
And here's Tyler with Mico- who also just keeps growing!
We spent the weekend relaxing in Bloomington.  Sunday's weather was beautiful and we spent the day outside around the pool.
Right now I'm watching the TV show Birth Day on TLC.  It is an episode on macrosomia (babies weighing over 4000 grams- so BIG babies!).  Two moms are both expecting babies weighing at least 9 pounds, and one is trying to give birth without an epidural.   I just heard, "Some women are simply predisposed to having larger babies."  Scary!....   And so is the application of the internal fetal monitor that I just watched.  I will do whatever I can to avoid that.  I'm going to go do some stretches and watch the rest of this.  Hopefully it will be more encouraging than terrifying!

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