Monday, August 24, 2009


Today marks 28 weeks and the first day of my third trimester!  From what other moms say, this trimester will fly by- and at the end of it is the best reward in the whole world.  One of my pregnancy books explained that this trimester serves one purpose- to make me so miserable that I just cannot wait to get the baby out of me, no matter what it takes, making me so crazy that I won't be afraid of the birth process any longer.  Well, I'll just say, I'm not there yet!  
I am, however, starting to recognize that theory that pregnancies come full circle, ending with symptoms similar to the first trimester.  I seem to have completely lost my appetite again, and I've started gagging on foods again.  Most nights, I am inspired by ingredients in my fridge, a creative way to sneak in protein, or a sudden craving, and I cook based on what sounds good to me.  Tonight, there was absolutely nothing that sounded good to eat in my house- or even in the takeout options nearby.  I needed to go to Whole Foods to replenish my supply of brown rice protein powder anyway, so I decided to peruse the 6 restaurants and countless food bar options there for something that I would enjoy eating.   
I must have looked like a lost soul wandering the rows and rows of healthy, delicious food options with an empty food container.  I know I'm crazy when I can't find something I'm dying to eat at Whole Foods!  Finally, I decided to fill up on some old favorites (including the macrobiotic tofu and kale salad and seaweed salad I've posted pics of before).  I took it home and ate it, but I didn't enjoy it like I normally do.  I am really, really hoping that this is just a few-day phase and not something that will continue for the rest of my pregnancy!  I love food way to much for this to be happening again...
All in all, I know I'm extremely fortunate and I've had a great pregnancy so far.  I've had a few scary moments, but so far, all have passed without serious consequence, leaving me with a great reminder that I am blessed to pregnant.  I still appreciate every tiny little movement and relish watching my belly move around with a real life of its' own.  (See, Baby Girl?  You have to cause me a LOT more pain before I'm ready to push you out...  You have at LEAST 9 weeks to make me ready, and you've got your work cut out!)

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