Monday, August 17, 2009

Veg Health

This makes me really glad I've been vegan for three years now...


It is important to note that even in our contaminated world there are ways a woman can minimize the risk to her young. Many studies have shown direct correlations between the amount of animal fat in a woman’s diet, and the level of contamination in her breastmilk. The less meat, butter, eggs, cheese, milk, poultry and fish in a woman’s diet, the fewer toxins will be found in the milk that flows from her breast to her young.

When the EPA analyzed the breast milk of vegetarian women, they discovered the levels of pesticides in their milk to be far lower than the U.S. average. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine made a similar comparison, and found: "The highest levels of contamination in the breast milk of the vegetarians was lower than the lowest level of contamination (in) non-vegetarian women… The mean vegetarian levels were only one or two percent as high as the average levels in the United States."

This is a tremendously important statistic. If the breast milk of the average vegetarian nursing mother in the United States contains only one or two percent of the pesticide and toxic contamination as that found in the national average, there is enormous protection for our young to be gained from moving in a vegetarian direction. 

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