Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway

There are only two TV shows that I follow, meaning that I record them and watch them before the next one airs and usually can't wait for a chance to watch them!  The shows are Top Chef and Project Runway.  I haven't actually seen any of the Project Runway shows this season yet because it took me some time to figure out that it moved from Bravo to Lifetime, but I did look it up online finally, and now I can't wait to catch up...  This week's episode of Project Runway had the contestants making maternity wear!  It's only the second episode of the season, so there were 15 contestants and not all of them seem to know what they're doing... especially in maternity wear.  I would wear four or five of the outfits total.  It didn't help the contestants that they used their regular, super skinny models equipped with faux baby bumps.  Very few women put on a bump and still want to be showing off all their other body parts!  Here are the designs- interesting to look!  It will be interesting to hear what Heidi Klum, the judge, model, and mother, will say about some of them.  Should be a fun episode for me to watch!

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