Monday, August 10, 2009

26 Weeks!

Today marks 26 weeks!  The baby's eyes are now open and blinking and she's "breathing" amniotic fluid.  She likely weighs around 2 pounds and is about 14 inches long (but since our girl has been big for her age so far, she may be bigger than that!).  She's kicking up a storm, and her kicks and punches are strong enough to move my clothes already.  We've been watching my belly bounce as she works out.  Here we are today, at 26 weeks:
This weekend was Lollapalooza, the 3-day concert held in Grant Park every summer with 130 bands on 8 stages.  We had an awesome time!!!   Friday was really rainy, though it let up to a drizzle by the time we got there and stopped for the evening shows.  Saturday and Sunday were HOT!  It was mid-90's with high humidity, but a great breeze, thankfully.  I made sure to stay hydrated- I averaged a liter of water an hour during the hottest hours of the day, and of course, one trip to the port-o-potties each hour.  Thank goodness I brought my own TP and (100% natural) hand sanitizer!  Mark and Sara, Tiana, Traye and Liz all went, too, so we spent most of the time hanging out with them.  
Here's my "before" shot on Sunday. Here I am with Tyler at the Damen el stop Saturday. With Mark (I stole Tyler's hat!) Sunday with Tiana and Liz  
We had a fantastic weekend.  Now I have a week off of work for our end-of-the-summer break...  time to recover from the weekend! 

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