Monday, August 31, 2009

29 Weeks!

Today marks 29 weeks!  I know I haven't posted any pictures for a while...  Our camera was MIA.  When we finally found it yesterday (in the pocket of someone's jeans in the dirty laundry pile), I was really excited to take and post a pic of my belly.  It grew noticeably last week- I think it sticks out at least an inch further out to the front!  Unfortunately, something's wrong with our camera and it isn't focusing...  so here are some blurry pics of my growing belly.  You can at least see the size, even if I'm a little out of focus.
There are two women at work who work in the front office of our building.  Both are grandmothers to young children already, and one has her first grandson due just two weeks before I'm due.  I think they just love that I'm pregnant.  Every morning when I walk in, they check out my belly, often commenting on it or on the clothes covering it.  The past week, it's been all about how I'm carrying lower now, which means that I'm getting closer to being full term.  Perhaps it's true- all I can tell is that I'm sticking out further than I did a week ago and it's harder to move than it was a week ago.  
It still feels to me like Baby Girl is doing full somersaults in there, or at least side rolls, so I don't think she's staying head down yet.  Yesterday afternoon, we were watching TV with Todd and Traye and she was putting on a show through my stomach.  One time, Todd pushed lightly on my belly and Baby Girl kicked back at him- I wish you could have seen the look on his face!  At another point, we could feel very clearly the end of a pointy limb, perhaps her foot, through the side of my stomach.  I think being able to feel an actual body part, not just movement, really makes the connection to the baby feel stronger for the guys who were able to feel it.  The movement itself is a crazy phenomenon, but feeling body parts is even cooler.  I've been trying to catch her in an energetic mood so I can record a video of my belly moving.  With my camera out of focus, I might have to wait a little while longer...

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