Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Training Day

Today was a big day for our family. Today, I dropped off Mico at dog training. This isn't just any dog training- it's an 18 day board and train facility called Dynamic Dogs run by a guy, Ben, who also runs a K-9 training facility. When we pick up Mico in 18 days, he'll be the star in his own dog show to display his new skills. I can't wait!
Let me just say this: Mico is a great dog. He has the sweetest disposition and he's truly a gentle giant. The trainers at Dynamic Dogs even asked where we found him because they were so impressed with his friendly personality (and wrote down the breeder's website, boondockdogs.com, to check it out for themselves).
Mico is a great dog. But he needs training. Mico and I had a really hard time together last week, so I've been looking forward to this training even more than ever. I think the behaviors that used to be annoying began to affect me more intensely recently, probably due to a combination of maternal instinct to protect my baby and hormones. Whatever it was, last week was rough for Mico and me. I think the time away from each other will be good for our relationship and remind me how much I enjoy Mico's company and how grateful I am to have such a sweet dog. That said, I probably won't miss him until next week. Until then, I'll enjoy not going through the process of taking Tye and Mico out 4 times a day. I'll also relish the slobber-free coffee table... and chairs... and walls, blankets, pillows, pants, garbage can, floors, shower door...
Mico, I know this is going to be a big couple of weeks for you. It won't be easy, but your life will be so much better after you're done. I'll happily walk you all over Chicago to wear you out every day (you're even going to learn to walk next to the stroller!). And, I know I'll appreciate your big self being around all that much more after missing you- which I know I will very soon. Good luck, dog.

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