Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buy Buy Buy

While visiting my parents in the suburbs yesterday, my mom, Tye and I went to Buy Buy Baby, a huge baby store owned by Bed, Bath, & Beyond. You know how Bed, Bath, & Beyonds are all set up? Imagine the biggest one you've ever been in, full of only baby gear, and you've got Buy Buy Baby. It was unbelievable! Mom had been really impressed with their selection of organic bedding and clothing, and I was too.
Although we went to Buy Buy Baby to get an idea of what cribs are out there. Tye is still co-sleeping at night and napping in her cradle, and our second bedroom is still a guest room. We'll be turning it into a nursery soon, and a crib will be a part of that. Seeing what was available was helpful, and we even got a tutorial on organic crib mattresses. We didn't find a crib I liked. However, there were a few other items I couldn't pass up! I found an organic all-natural teether (and at the rate Tye is mouthing her hands, she might use that soon!), some beautiful wooden toys by HABA (seriously, check out these toys, this is my favorite toy line right now! all natural wooden toys made in Germany...), a Twilight Turtle that casts the constellations onto a the ceiling of a dark room, a mirror for the car that will allow me to see Tye from my rearview mirror while she's facing backwards in her car seat, and a new brand of organic milk formula to see if a change will help reduce poor Tye's gassiness. In my opinion, they were all great purchases. I would love to go back and buy out the HABA collection someday...

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  1. I LOVE Buy Buy Baby! I saw my first one when we moved to VA and it is amazing!


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