Friday, January 15, 2010

Cranky Baby Buster

I remember my parents holding Todd like this, in the “superman” hold. Mom told me that her sister’s pediatrician recommended the hold to relieve gas and colic pains because it takes pressure off of the stomach. Since we began supplementing with formula (which we’re still doing- and still trying to get my milk supply up), Tye has been really gassy. I don’t know if it’s the bottle or the formula that makes Tye so gassy, but the poor girl is a gas factory recently. I can’t believe she’s still such a happy baby- but I’m so grateful! When she does have an especially gassy period, the superman hold works wonders.

One aspect of breastfeeding I don’t think I could live without, but didn’t anticipate going in, is that no matter what is wrong with Tye, as soon as she latches on, she’s content. My nipples are like a magic button- “Insert here for instant calming effect.” So often, I wonder what bottle feeding moms do to quiet their babes. Of course, I’ve been told there are breastfeeding babies who resist the breast when they’re upset, something Tye has never, ever done. Maybe we just have the happiest baby in the world. We might, too. Tye smiles all day long now. Last night, I was awake in bed with Tye asleep on my chest. She slowly, gently woke up, opened her eyes, looked into my eyes, and smiled at me before closing her eyes again and drifting back to sleep. Such a beautiful moment. Can you tell I’m loving motherhood?

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