Monday, January 25, 2010

Home again, home again

We're back from our trip to Texas! The whole trip was wonderful. Tyler's grandparents got to meet and fall in love with Tye, and we all enjoyed the time together. Tye was a little angel. The deviation from her normal routine left her fussy at times, but she went out to eat with us for three peaceful meals and had plenty of smiles to share.
The traveling all went really smoothly, thankfully. I can't imagine surviving the trip without a baby carrier- it made everything so much easier. From checking in to checking out at Starbucks to trips to the ladies' room, having Tye close to me and still having two hand free was crucial. Tye is completely content in her sling, whether it's facing forward while she's awake or tummy to tummy while she sleeps (like the picture below). Both flights, Tye slept almost the entire way, waking only to nurse (which was easier with the extra space in first class, thanks to Tyler's travel points). She didn't seem to notice the change in cabin pressure, even though I was well prepared to nurse, bottle feed, or supply a pacifier upon her request. The best part was that I was able to sleep when she slept! Our flight home today was especially comfortable. We flew in a plane that had fully reclining seats in first class, and we both enjoyed the angle that reclining allowed, no slouching required. Now, for photographic evidence of our trip...
Here we are upon arrival to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, waiting for our luggage...
Dressing the part of a little southern belle... Isn't she just adorable? Her first time wearing a skirt! (Though if you look closely, you may notice some Illini socks peaking out, showing her true colors...)
Curled up for a princess nap with Daddy...
Look at that head control!
Napping with Grandmaw Jane...
Hanging out with Grandpaw Del... (again- look at the head control!)
Watching the football game in the best seat in the house!


  1. Glad you had a great time, she looks so cute in her skirt. Where did you get the sling? She is just beautiful.

  2. The sling is Sakura Bloom. Their website,, is amazing, full of the most beautiful slings I could ever imagine. I love the sling- because she loves it!


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