Thursday, January 21, 2010

So far, so good

I'm at O'Hare right now feeding Tye at an empty gate. Check in couldn't have been easier! We- or more appropriately, Tye- attracted a crowd of Anerican Airlines employees. Everyone has been extremely helpful, from the AA desk person who helped me bag up Tye's car seat to be checked to the patient guy in the security line behind me who just smiled when the rings on my sling set off the metal detector and I had to go back to remove it, to the guy at Starbucks who gave me free hot water for my herbal tea. I've mentioned before people's reactions to the little face poking out of the sling. The airport is just one reaction after another. I'm having a very hard time not laughing outloud at some. We don't board for another two hours (Traye was kind enough to drive us here but has class at 12:30), which will give us lots of time to walk the terminal if Tye wants. Hopefully the day will continue as smoothly as it has started!

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