Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to walk a dog during a Chicago winter with a baby

1. Assemble necessary items, including but not limited to the following:
-snow boots
-baby coat
-baby hat
-adult coat
-cell phone
-poop bag
2. Place sling around shoulder.
3. Put on boots.
4. Clip leash on dog, leaving handle to leash wrapped around the door knob. Encourage dog to remain sitting in front of the door.
5. Dress baby in coat and hat.
6. Arrange baby in sling.
7. Put on adult coat and carefully zip up part way.
8. Double check that pockets contain cell phone, poop bag, and keys.
9. Put on gloves.
10. Triple check for keys.
11. Pray the dog behaves while walking.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts! I definitely laughed while reading it. I remember the first day I took Jackson out in the stroller AND Paxton! Now, I can walk him with a double stroller! (I watch another little boy during the week.) I even run with it (and it's not a jogging one)--I'm pretty proud of myself :) Good for you for getting out!

  2. Tye and I take Mico out like this 3-4 times per day every day. Living in Chicago, we don't have a yard of any type, so every time Mico goes out, so do we. The good thing is that Tye loves being in her sling and we've yet to have a hard trip out (I feel like I should knock on wood here...). Thing sling is easier for us than the stroller right now, but hoping that will change. Glad you're so well adapted to getting out with all the gear plus dog- that's encouraging to hear!


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