Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This weekend, I realized suddenly that we're only a little over two months from my due date.  Although we decided to keep our second bedroom a functioning guest room for the first few months after Baby girl arrives, it still made me slightly uncomfortable to know that we have nothing for her but clothes.  And of the clothes, I don't even have any that are washed and ready for her to wear home from the hospital.  I suddenly felt underprepared.
My response?  What any woman would do- I went shopping for nesting materials.  Even if we can't have a crib and changing table in the bedroom yet, we can have decorations prepared for the transition, and there just happened to be an art festival going on a couple blocks away with great handmade art.  There, I purchased a hand-screened poster with a beautiful owl:
And a tea towel to hang on the wall or drape over a chair.  
Dad always called me Sweet Pea growing up, and it made me think of how happy I am for Tyler to have a daughter.  I'm so looking forward to hearing what terms of endearment Tyler bestows on our little girl.  
As you may have noticed, there's a green, nature-inspired trend going on that I think will work nicely with the swing and bouncer seat on our registry.  
I can hear the criticism right now and know that some of you are thinking (possibly out loud to the computer monitor), "Don't you want PINK for your daughter?  Green and brown is a bit masculine for a little girl!"  Just to calm any concerns, here's a picture I found at Babies'R'Us showing the rocker in use- with a tiny, tiny baby.  
Isn't she cute?  I can't wait to post my own picture of my own daughter in her rocker. 
Now, what were you saying about the green?

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