Monday, September 21, 2009

32 Weeks!

Today marks 32 weeks!  Only 56 days until our due date.  Baby Girl is likely 4-5 pounds and 17-19 or so inches head to foot.  According to the lady who works in the front office at work, I'm carrying lower than last week- and I agree with her!  My belly now sticks out furthest an inch or two below my belly button.
Tyler is traveling Tuesday-Friday this week, so since he was home tonight, we celebrated 32 weeks with a great homemade dinner of poblano peppers stuffed with brown rice, black beans, mixed vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, and a little seitan chorizo with refried pinto beans on the side.  It was fantastic!  I combined all the ingredients with a Frontera Grill cooking sauce, so it was really easy and really delicious.  When the peppers were in the oven, the poblanos gave off a really great fresh, spicy aroma that complemented the smoky chipotle scent of the rice...  Our place smelled heavenly for a little while!  It was enough to bring out my appetite, a rare occurrence recently.
Today at work, I received some excellent news... The new teacher is starting tomorrow and will be overlapping with me until I leave.  That means we'll have an extra set of hands to make up for all my limitations.  My work days just got a LOT easier!  I can really use it, too- work has been exhausting recently.  On the upside- squatting is supposed to be really good preparation for childbirth, and with all the squats I do in and out of child-sized chairs, I will be golden.  When I leave work in October, I'll have to actually add work-outs to my daily routine to make up for the exercise I'm used to getting throughout the day!

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