Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No news is _________.

Good news?  I hope...  I have yet to hear back from my midwife with the results of my fetal fibronectin test from yesterday.  I wasn't nervous- until I realized I wasn't going to hear from her today.  Somehow, waiting longer for the results is making this a much more nerve-wracking experience.  I guess we'll just wait to hear until tomorrow.
Over the weekend, Tyler and I were sitting on the couch in our PJs and he said to me, "It looks like you're wearing a Christmas top."  Hmmm.  Indeed, I was.  But it was a comfortable, super stretchy tank!  Yes, it happened to be red and white, but it fits- an especially important detail right about now.  I didn't really think Tyler would notice the colors.  Sorry, Tyler.  Looking at my belly, Tyler then commented, "It looks like a Christmas ornament.  It's round with red and white stripes."  I thought I'd share:
54 days until my due date.  And in case you're wondering, 93 days until Christmas.  

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