Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yup, bed rest....

Yesterday evening I had a midwife appointment.  Tyler actually got to come to this one, the first he's attended since I switched midwives.  He really liked Amy, the midwife who saw me.  He asked lots of really good questions about the birth and my limitations on bed rest, and his evident concern was really sweet.  After telling her about everything that went down at the hospital this weekend, Amy agreed that bed rest is the best option for me right now.  We talked about when I should call the midwife group since the normal guidelines of "regular contractions" doesn't really apply to me any longer.  Amy's explanation was to call either a) when my water breaks, or b) when the contractions are so strong that I'm squeezing furniture until my knuckles are white.  So, I guess that's what we'll look for- should be hard to miss either!  

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