Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Hospital Bag(s)

Contents of my hospital bag:
oversize Tshirt and fitted tank top (not sure which I'll be more comfortable wearing during labor- but I get to wear my own clothes!), pajamas, going-home clothes, underwear, soft bra for nursing, standard toiletries (including unscented lotion, nipple balm for nursing, sanitary pads, and lip balm), fuzzy socks, slippers, rice sock (to be heated if needed), snack foods (I'm encouraged to eat during labor!), iPod speakers, change of clothes and swimsuit for Tyler (swimsuit in case he wants to join me in the shower or tub- I'm the only one who can forgo modesty!), list items to be added last minute
To be added last minute:
camera, camcorder, laptop, chargers for electronics and cell phones, pillows, makeup, hair dryer, ice pack, more snacks and beverages for Tyler and myself
Contents of Baby Girl's bag, packed in her diaper bag:
cotton onsie, fuzzy fleece sleeper, 3 pairs of socks (just to be sure), mittens, disposable newborn size diapers, two receiving blankets, all natural rubber pacifier, warm hooded fleece one-piece with feet for the ride home, Illini knit hat (because Tyler can't wait for her to show her true colors), yellow sleeper (just for all the stories I've heard of boys coming home in girls' clothes!)
The Labor & Delivery staff might think we're trying to move in permanently... 

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