Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last night, Tyler's work project team had dinner to celebrate a new phase of their project, and I was invited to join them.  We went to Topolobampo, Rick Bayless' high-end restaurant.  One of his teammates must have pulled some strings last minute to get us reservations.  Since Bayless won Top Chef Masters, Topolobampo has been booked solid 8 weeks in advance. 
Dinner was fantastic!  Tyler and the rest of the team ordered different 5-course tasting menus (including one tasting menu based on Bayless' Top Chef Masters experience).  Our waitress was extremely helpful in ordering vegan options, combining food options from Topolobampo and the next door Frontera Grill (they share kitchens), and even creating a desert option for me.  I had mushroom taquitos, black bean pozole, and a trio of sorbets, but since those descriptions don't do any justice to the food, here are descriptions off of the menu:
Tacos de Huitlacoche, Caldo de Jitomate:  Crispy rolled tacos filled with Three Sister's Garden huitlacoche (corn mushroom). Roasted tomato broth, crunchy pickled vegetables, avocado, Bayless Garden microgreens. 
Pozole de Frijol:  spicy vegetarian red-chile stew of pozole corn, black beans, grilled Healthy Harvest Garden wild mushrooms (hen and chick-of-the-woods) and calabacitas. Napa cabbage, radish, cilantro, lime and crispy plantain tostada.
My trio of sorbets included a peach sorbet, a Concord grape sorbet, and a pawpaw sorbet (which had a mellow banana flavor). They were all delicious, but the grape and pawpaw were exceptional, as in I've-never-experienced-eating-like-this-before fantastic.  Paired with organic tangerine ginger tea, it was a wonderful way to end the meal.  
Baby Girl got some got some good eats last night!  


  1. I love you...and Jenna has taught me how to say "topolobampo" correctly...but WHY did you go to dinner? I want you to have fun...but you need to be HORIZONTAL woman!!!! Okay...done! I love you! You are beautifiul! XOXOXO, JB

  2. I only walked from the curb to our table- as far as our couch to the fridge at home. Other than that, I was just sitting! I promise it didn't take too much out of me. And the food was so delicious... Miss you, J!


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