Saturday, October 17, 2009

ABC Tour

Today, Tyler and I went to West Suburban Hospital for our tour of the Alternative Birthing Center (ABC).  We were one of 8 or 9 couples/families who took the tour, which was given by a doula with experience working at West Sub's ABC.  We started out in a classroom discussing the requirements of an ABC birth and then toured the Labor and Delivery department, including triage, the ABC rooms, the Family Delivery rooms (where I'll give birth before 37 weeks or if there are complications), and the Postpartum rooms (where I'll be moved 6 hours or more after the birth).  Being able to see the rooms is really comforting for me.  I now know what the environment will look like and can visualize myself in labor with more detail, which I think will really help me mentally prepare for the birth.  It's probably a good thing for Tyler to know how to get to the hospital, too.  

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