Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Preparations

In preparing to pack my hospital bag, today was baby laundry day.  Here is the first load of many, many, many baby loads.  
Look at all the cute pink and white and adorable patterns!  It's amazing how many tiny outfits fit in one load of laundry.  I double-washed all the clothes, bedding, and washable toys using my standard Seventh Generation brand all natural laundry detergent.  While part of me felt extremely guilty for using the water to wash the clothes twice, I just wasn't confident that a load of all new clothes would come completely clean of the new-clothes chemicals in just one wash.  It's a one-time waste at least.
This past weekend, we also made a typical new-parent purchase: a video camera!  
9456572 Angle Large
We wanted a small camera that could easily fit into our diaper bag/ purse/ coat pocket.  Knowing how much abuse the camera will likely take in those locations, we didn't want to drop a lot of money on an "investment" camera (especially with camera technologies changing so quickly).  It's not professional quality, but I think it will be good for what we want, which is really just to take videos to share easily with family.  It feels like a very typical new-parent purchase, and another step closer to bring Baby Girl home!

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