Monday, October 12, 2009

35 Weeks!

Today is a major milestone- 35 weeks!  Now, whenever I go into labor, I'll be able to deliver with one of the midwives.  Just two more weeks to go until I can also use the Alternative Birthing Center at West Suburban.  I would love to make it past 37, but I think Baby Girl will tell us when she needs to come out, and whenever that is- now it will be okay!  
At 35 weeks, the Baby Girl is likely between 5 and 5 1/2 pounds and up to 20 inches long.  Her brain and lungs are still receiving some fine tuning, but most of her development is complete, including her now fully-functioning liver and kidneys.  My goals for this week are to research and hopefully choose a pediatrician, and to pack a bag for the hospital.  That, and rest enough to keep Baby Girl inside! Knowing that I could go into labor at any moment is a combination of scary and exciting... like I would expect to feel right before jumping off the plane to skydive.  I am looking forward to meeting Baby Girl more than words can explain, but I really want her to be strong enough to thrive once she's out, even if it means she needs to stay inside longer (that's that part Tyler is having trouble with!).  We just have to trust that Baby Girl will let us know when that right time is, and we'll meet her then.  

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  1. Hello CUTEST MOMMY ALIVE!!!!! Hi Baby Girl! I can't WAIT to meet you! Stay inside Mommy for just a little bit, please!!! My good friend Jane is having a Baby Cubbie Fan (Charlie) RIGHT NOW, here in LA! Charlie's Daddy is a Chicagoite! We will introduce you two in 25 years:)


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