Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rally Time

Yesterday afternoon, Tye and I went to Grant Park for the American Rally for Personal Rights.  We sat at the Holistic Moms Network table with two other HMN moms and their babies, both about 10 months old.  We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather, and just taking the L into the Loop and walking to the park was fun.  

During the two-hour rally, we sat with the kids in the shade.
Tye loves balloons, and was super excited to see all the yellow and red helium-filled balloons (happily, they were biodegradable).  
At one point, a band came on stage to rock out with some good old-fashioned protest music.  Tye was a fan!
I didn't know what to expect from the Rally, as many of the speakers have been labeled "anti-vaccine," but I was happy to hear from the start that the organization is strongly not anti-vaccine, but rather anti-vaccine regulations.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a giant in the vaccine world.  The crowd was small, but sizable for this being the first rally held by the Center for Personal Rights.  We handed out a few HMN pamphlets and talked with people about our organization.  If nothing else, people came by to check out the cute kids.  It's hard to beat a beautiful Chicago afternoon in Grant Park.

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  1. Hey Em,
    Love your blog! I wanted to ask if you have any preferences or recommendations for shampoos for either you or Tye that are organic or "better" :) Thanks, Zainab


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