Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot Topics

When we lived in Germany during the 2004 presidential election, we avoided all political conversations by telling our German friends and acquaintances that in American culture, it's considered rude to discuss politics and religion over beer.  This worked brilliantly, perhaps because we didn't spend much time drinking coffee while we were there.  The idea was that we didn't want to create opportunities for offense- we wanted to concentrate on enjoying our time soaking up the amazing German culture (I mean, who wants to talk about Bush during Oktoberfest anyway?).  

In many ways, I want to keep Mama Em free of politics as well.  I believe good mamas come in all shapes, sizes, and political minds.  There are just some topics, though, in which politics and motherhood intersect.  Preserving our natural resources: political, yes, but my interest is on behalf of Tye and the future generations of babies.  It's the mother in me that drives my argument, not my political ideals.

Similarly, my interest in vaccine programs is fueled mostly by my concern for my children.  I want them to be safe, and I'm not convinced that our current vaccine protocol is safe.  I don't understand why infants are given the Hepatitis B vaccine (a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease; a vaccine tested on adult males, never proven safe for infants) within hours, even minutes, of birth.  I have serious questions about the safety of vaccine ingredients, and even more concerns about administering multiple vaccines in one day.  These are my concerns as a parent.  My political concerns are related, but different on this topic: I don't want to give the government power to decide what goes into my body.  That's my choice. 
Next Wednesday, May 26th, I'll be in Grant Park for the American Rally for Personal Rights.  I'll be uniting with other concerned individuals, parents and political minds alike, who want to defend their right to choose whether or not they vaccinate themselves and their children.  This is important to me as a mother, and it's important to me as an American Citizen.  Check out the web page and read what it's all about.  If you can't attend the Rally, sign the petition and look into all the ways you can watch the Rally live.  You may have a better view on your laptop than I will at the Holistic Moms Network tent, where I'll be volunteering.  If you can attend, come by and say hello!  Tye will be in her carrier, hanging out with us Holistic Mamas.

Okay, I'm stepping off of my soapbox now.  You may resume drinking your beer.  Prost!

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