Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Our trip was absolutely wonderful.  Tye traveled like a rockstar, with goupies fawning over her everywhere we went. 
We took full advantage of co-sleeping and babywearing while we were there, both of which made traveling a breeze for Tye.  As far as she's concerned, bed is where Mama is.  Although we didn't take Tye potty in too many public restrooms, she used the sink in the hotel several times- at least once each day we stayed there.  We traveled down with a bottle of breastmilk that I pumped the week prior, but still needed a couple bottles of formula for the nights that Tiana babysat.  All we brought, though, was one bottle and one tiny can of formula- much less luggage for a breastfed baby than a bottlefed one, thankfully.    
We took lots of naps by the pool and beach, spent some time in the water, and played with friends.  At night, Tye slept in her carrier until we went to bed, which amazed our friends.  Apparently, the carrier also amazed the locals- families stopped their cars to point at Tye in the carrier when we walked down the street.
Some momentous firsts for Tye: first bathing suit, first time in the pool, first time in the ocean, first time staying in a hotel.  She even waved for the first time when a friend waved at her!

Tye makes friends everywhere she goes with that smile of hers.  Everywhere we went, people commented that she was so quiet and so "well-behaved."  Truthfully, she was just herself- happy to sit on our laps or lounge in her carrier wherever we went.  Cooing in Spanish made her smile instantly.  One cultural difference we discovered is that Mexicans instantly touch and pinch babies' cheeks as they speak to them- from the lady at the taxi stand who reached through the little window in the glass wall to stroke her cheek to the housekeeper who pinched her cheek gently every day, almost every person Tye saw pinched her cheek at one point in the trip.  This took a little adjusting for Tye the first day, who isn't used to such close interaction with strangers, but by the end of the week she was loving it. 

The long weekend was a beautiful combination of good friends, delicious food, perfect weather, stunning views, heartfelt sentiments and time just relaxing.  We ended our time together trying to force the rest of our friends to marry each other in beautiful locations so we can have more weekends like this one.
And to Somee and Gary, we wish you a lifetime of happy travels together.

To see more photos of Tye in Puerto Vallarta, click here.  But just a warning, we went new-parents-on-baby's-first-vacation crazy with taking pictures.


  1. In Hispanic culture, it is bad luck to compliment a baby without touching her. The compliment invites the evil eye, and touching the baby protects her.

    At least, this is what my Cuban mom tells me!

  2. Wow! I had never heard that! Thanks so much for sharing, Jen. Tye was well-protected on our trip :)

  3. Love the pictures, Em. You guys make traveling with an infant look like a breeze (and like tons of fun)! Happy to see you guys had such an awesome time in PV!

  4. Awesome Em. Love the pics. I know when we traveled with Charlotte cosleeping, nursing and babywearing made traveling with her a breeze. The pics are beautiful. You look amazing and as always Tye is adorable!


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