Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Stages

These past few days have been rough ones for Tye.  She is only happy when held; she's nursing extra frequently but not hungrily, as if she just needs the extra comfort; and she's resisting sleep at night and during the day.  It could be that she isn't feeling well, but she has also begun to chew on new objects with great intensity.  Monday evening, I found her gnawing on the arch that holds up her play yard.  
I set Mico to watch over her like a good guard dog.
Within a matter of minutes, he gave in to her cuteness.  Hard to blame him.
Tuesday morning, she pulled herself upright and sat up in her chair so she could chomp down on the wood side rail.  
I could still be wrong, but I think this may be the beginnings of the teething stage for Tye.   

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