Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First kisses

I've joked with friends and family before that I sometimes fear I might literally smother Tye with all my kisses.  The poor girl gets about a million smooches a day from me.  When I heard the babywearing mantra "Close enough to kiss," I instantly connected with it and thought, So that's why I love wearing Tye!

According to the article The New Science of Mother-Baby Bonding on parenting.com, when a mother kisses her babe, "Pathogens on a baby's skin are carried from the mother's lips into her system, and she produces made-to-order antibodies that boost his immunity."  How amazing! The way mothers' and babies' bodies continue to function as one organism even after birth is fascinating, and I never cease to be awed by the ways in which we've evolved to care for our children.  Even kissing them serves a function.

I'll never feel guilty about showering Tye with kisses again.

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