Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorite- Babywearing International (and Ergo giveaway info!)

I recently discovered our local chapter of Babywearing International (BWI), which meets monthly at Be By Baby, a fabulous Chicago boutique.  At each BWI meeting, the group leader and other mamas are available to help teach new carrying techniques and answer questions.  By far my favorite aspect of the group, though, is the carrier library.  Our chapter has 30-40 different carriers in its library, all available to "check out" for a month.  This is a great way to try out new carriers before purchasing one.  The guidance is also a wonderful way to practice new carries, like trying out a back carry or learning to use a  long wrap to carry a growing child.

By leaving a deposit (in the form of a check that is never cashed), I checked out an ErgoBaby carrier last month.  We've been using it all month.  I was thinking Tyler might appreciate the buckles and snaps over the Kozy Carrier, which ties.  While Tyler said he doesn't have a preference, Tye certainly required some time in the Ergo to adapt to it, but now enjoys it.  I like the snap-on hood that allows me to nurse discretely (everyone assumes Tye is sleeping, which often follows nursing anyway!).  It was also a great carrier to use when putting Tye on my back for the first time because it's so simple.  

I still love our Kozy Carrier and Sakura Bloom ring sling, but having a selection is wonderful because different situations call for different carriers.  The Kozy can't be beat for comfort.  The ring sling is faster than any other carrier, perfect for running errands or taking Mico out briefly.  The Ergo is a great halfway point between the two.  Each carrier is expensive, though.  I've been incredibly fortunate to have built our family collection for very little cost because of some great searching and opportunity.  I purchased our Sakura Bloom ring sling from an online boutique that was clearing out the line and paid less than half the original price.  Then, I earned a $100 gift card to another online boutique by completing a 10 minute phone interview with a company representative, which I used to purchase our Kozy Carrier. 
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This morning, I won our family an Ergo carrier!  The Nurture Center, another online boutique, is hosting an ErgoBaby giveaway.  Each day this week, continuing today, the 100th person to leave a product review wins an Ergo carrier.  Saturday, each review left this week will earn an entry into another giveaway for 3 more Ergos.  That's great odds!  Since I won, I'll let you in on some inside information:  I made my comment last night between 7:30 and 8:30 pm to become the 100th comment.  The Nurture Center has some good items that I own and enjoy, so leaving comments wasn't hard.  Next month, when I attend the BWI meeting, I'll be able to return the Ergo I borrowed knowing that we'll have one at home!  I think I'm still going to borrow a wrap carrier, though, just to try out another way to wear Tye.  Then I'll have to find a way to get one of those on the cheap!

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