Friday, March 26, 2010

What's your vaccine IQ?

One topic I haven't touched here yet is vaccination, even though I've received emails asking in which way my opinions lean.  We haven't completely decided for ourselves, so sharing my opinion without back-and-forth dialogue feels premature.  I will tell you that Tye did not receive the rotavirus vaccine Rotarix that was recalled this week. (Did you notice that everyone and their mother heard about the sling recall, but no one knew that a vaccine standardly administered to all infants was recalled?)  Jennifer Margulis wrote a great post about the Rotarix issues here.

While Tyler and I continue taking our time debating the risk versus benefit of each vaccine, I highly suggest you take this vaccine quiz.  It's only 10 quick questions, but the answers might surprise you.

I answered 7 of 10 correctly even after all the research I've done in the past 4 months.  What was your score?  If you don't mind sharing, leave a comment.


  1. Good post, Em. I took the quiz and also got 7/10. I got numbers 4,7, & 8 wrong. I've already had the delayed vaccine schedule conversation with my doctor - and we're not even pregnant! I wanted to verify that she is the kind of doctor who would be willing to work with Kevin and me as we try and figure out what we really think will be best for our babies. Luckily, we found a doctor who has a more naturopathic approach to medicine, and she didn't balk when I balked at the crazy list of vaccines babies are supposed to get here in MN as infants (it's insane!). There is so much information out there, and yet, I find it difficult to sort through all of the stuff put out there by interested parties (vaccine companies, for example), and by people who think anyone who doesn't have their kids uber-immunized is a crazy hippie. I just want to find real facts about what my kids actually need, and what is/isn't safe. I am not going to assume that because these vaccines are recommended, and commonly administered, that they are all safe --- I mean, it just takes learning about things like BPE in baby bottles, arsenic in chicken, cadmium and lead in children's toys and jewelry, etc., to prove to me that, as a consumer, I NEED to be alert, informed, and educated about what my family consumes, and that I absolutely cannot assume that someone out there is always verifying that the things I buy are safe. Anyway, I am done with my rambling! Thanks for a thought-provoking post on an important issue. Hugs to the three of you!

  2. I guessed at answers, this was a hard quiz! I got 8 of 10 correct.....boy was I wrong on the number of vaccines given to kids today. Thanks for being such a great Mom, and researching all this stuff, and keeping that adorable little girl safe and healthy. Now if we could just convince my employer to make vaccines optional......


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