Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Staying Kozy

Here we are using our new Kozy Carrier! After much research on the style and functionality of just about every carrier on the market, I decided to try this. It's a version of a mei tai, a traditional Asian carrier. It's essentially a square of fabric with four straps, one coming out of each corner. The straps tie around me to support Tye as she sits in the carrier portion. The Kozy Carrier, though, has an arched top to support the child's head, padded straps for comfort, and a pocket on the end of one strap big enough for my iPhone and keys (and enough money for a stop at the coffee shop). The creator of the Kozy Carrier sewed her first to carry her own child, then started making them as gifts, and then selling them upon request. When the demand creates the product, it's usually a good sign the product works.I really like this! It's super comfortable because the weight is distributed well, mostly sitting on my hips. The straps are lightly padded and can be crossed in the back to be sure they stay put. Because it ties, it can be easily adapted to fit a small baby like Tye as well as a larger child (up to 40 pounds- whoa!), and it fits both Tyler and me. It takes a few seconds to tie, but I can do it by myself while holding Tye (a feat not possible with all tied carriers). It can be worn so that the child is in the front, back, or side and facing either in or out. If I lower it a bit, Tye can nurse completely from the carrier without having to be removed to switch sides. I still love our ring sling for its ease of use and cuddle factor- I can pop Tye in and out in less than 5 seconds, making it ideal for taking Mico out or for short errands. Our new Kozy Carrier will be great for longer walks and trips and as Tye grows heavier. You'll be seeing more photos of us using the Kozy Carrier in the future!

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  1. Thanks for visiting The Mother Huddle today!

    I've not ever heard of the Kozy Carrier before. It looks great! I just bought an Ergo, which I am loving as well! they seem fairly similar in a way. To bad I didn't come here sooner, I like the way the Kozy Carrier looks.

    Tye is adorable! My husbands name is Tyler as well...so I wanted to name one of my girls Tylie..hubby refused, but I love Tye for a girl!


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