Monday, March 1, 2010

AP Payoff

This morning, Tye and I went to brunch with my good college friend, Kate. We went to Bongo Room, an uber popular brunch spot in our neighborhood famous for dessert-like pancakes (think Red Velvet and Caramel White Chocolate Pretzel) and for 3 hour waits on weekends. Because Kate is a surgical resident, she has weird days off and she and I have loved using those as opportunities to visit Bongo Room on less crowded days.
We walked in today and the hostess greeted us with a friendly smile and comment about Tye in her sling, then seated us in the corner. Kate held Tye while we talked and sipped coffee and took our time ordering, until Tye started to look sleepy. I cozied Tye back up in the sling and gave her her pacifier for comfort (sleeping out of the house- the only time she uses it), and within 60 seconds, Tye was soundly asleep without ever making more than a happy coo. The hostess was amazed that Tye was such a "well-trained" baby, as she said it. I think she had been expecting Tye to scream through our brunch, which would explain the corner seating perfectly, and was completely shocked that a baby could join us happily. Really, I think it was just a perfect example of Attachment Parenting and babywearing paying off. Tye felt comfortable enough to drift off to sleep even in a noisy restaurant because she was so close to me, and yet I still had two hands free to eat. Our food arrived several minutes later (a spinach, mushroom, and asiago omelette for me), and Kate and I enjoyed a brunch so long and leisurely that we welcomed the lunch crowd- all with Tye asleep on my chest. It was really a wonderful way to start the week.
That, and- it's March! I can hardly believe it. In Chicago, March doesn't mean spring, but it does show the glimmer of light at the end of the icy tunnel. We could well have snow into April, but the wonderful thing about Chicago is that it could also be 75 degrees in April- even both within a span of 48 hours. And just the prediction of 45 degrees on Friday has me optimistic. I can't wait to leave the house wearing Tye in the sling... without wearing Tyler's fleece over us both.

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