Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Favorite- Onsie Extenders

Add-A-Size Garment Extender 10-Pack image
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These little pieces of fabric are onsie extenders.  They have three snaps on each end and connect to the front and back of a onsie. And they are exactly what we need.

Tye is a tall, lean shape these days.  She is outgrowing things in length that she still doesn't fill out.  All those footed pajamas in the 3 month size got about 1 month worth of wear before she could no longer extend her legs while wearing them, so they have been moved to the Too Small basket.  A large collection of adorable onsies were about to face the same fate when I discovered these a couple weeks ago.  Now, all those too-short but plenty wide onsies will have a few more weeks in the dresser (if we're lucky).

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