Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Tye, at 4 Months

Dear Tye,
You've grown so much in the past month, even the past week. You are grabbing things in your tiny fists now, like my hair and my necklace and the string on my sweatshirt. When you sit on my lap at dinner, you reach for the plate and placemat. It's just a matter of time before I'll have to keep my food at arm's length (but it will be worth it to have you in my arms.) Now, when I hold you, you hold on to me, too, like a baby monkey clinging to her mama. It's the sweetest feeling to feel my grasp reciprocated, like the first hug you're able to give to me. When you're sleepy, you burrow your head into my chest as if you can't get it deep enough into me, and I melt with warm love for you.
You are all smiles these days, and you have started to laugh a real laugh just this week. For the longest time, you tried to laugh but all that came out was a single smiley cough. Now you've added your voice to the laugh and you're combining several, and it finally sounds like a real laugh. When you chuckle, it makes me laugh, sometimes so hard that it startles you and you stare at me with a serious, furrowed brow.
You love to chew on your hands (an activity I expect you to continue to enjoy), and you've figured out how to fit all 8 fingers in your mouth simultaneously. You're just starting to chew other objects, too, though you aren't very discerning. Whatever is in your hand, be it a toy or clothing or my fingers, you'll try to pull it towards your mouth for a taste. Speaking of taste, the way your eyes light up and you smile when you see my breast ready for a meal is adorable, like you're the happiest girl in the world.
I love every day with you, Tye. I love watching you grow and learn and change, and I love the new depth to our relationship. My favorite moments of the day are waking next to you and waiting for you to open you eyes and smile at me, and seeing you look up from my breast with a huge smile just for me. You make every day wonderful. Happy 4th Month, Tye. I love you more than anything.

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  1. Happy 4 months Tye! Many more fun, and happy months and years to come.


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