Monday, September 27, 2010

Bucktown Baby Dress, Revisited

Last winter, Tye received a stunningly gorgeous hand knit dress from the mother of one of my former students.  A photo shoot ensued.  Now that the dress fits her even better- and so does the coordinating Hanna Andersson outfit sent along with the dress- I decided it was time for another round of pictures.  Oh, the cuteness!
 Walking along the coffee table
  Playing with Ziggy in her favorite hiding spot in the bookshelves
   Getting in her squats for the day

  Here's what I think of the bright flash! Ptttttttthh!


  1. That dress IS gorgeous (and so is the model, of course)! What a wonderful gift.

  2. She's growing so fast and is glowing! Of course that dress is simply adorable on her!


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