Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorite- Video Monitor

Some of the best advice I received about baby products was to purchase a video baby monitor.  My friend Caryn told me, "You'll think you won't need it, so you'll buy the regular sound monitor, but in about two weeks you'll want the video monitor and you'll go buy it, too.  So save yourself the cost of the regular one and just buy the video monitor now."

I'm extremely grateful I heeded her advice!  The video monitor has worked well with our non-conventional sleeping arrangements.  Tye sleeps best in our bed, both at night (before and after I join her) and for naps.  When Tye wakes up from a nap, she usually happily plays with Ziggy on the bed until I walk in to pick her up.  I know, though, that one of these days she'll go crawling, and I need to be able to watch her closely without having to stay in the room with her.  
We have the Summer brand video monitor, and it works well for us.  It's Tyler's favorite gadget because the camera zooms and pans across the room with a little joystick on the receiver.  Daytime viewing is in color, and darker viewing uses a night-vision camera.  The battery on the receiver doesn't last all that long- only about two hours, about enough to get us through a nap, but it plugs into any outlet- but that is my only complaint.  Otherwise, our video monitor has become a baby product I couldn't imagine living without.  

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  1. Very good advice! I definitely see the sense n having a video monitor.


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