Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Favorite- Moments of the Week

It's been one of those weeks for the past two weeks now.  Tye went straight from teething to worse teething to now having a full-blown cold.  And yet, there were some great moments, too, and I'd rather focus on those than, say, being sprayed in the face by green snot when Tye sneezed this morning or sleeping sitting up wearing the Ergo last night so she could breathe.  So here are the highlights of our week:

  • Dinner with Tye at Whole Foods Monday evening.  It was like a date, just her and myself, singing along to Bob Dylan over the loudspeakers.
  • Curried squash soup made from scratch.  I ate the whole pot in 3 days.  Yum.
  • At Tuesday morning's AP Parenting meeting, watching Tye spend the vast majority of the meeting crawling around on the floor with the other kids, pulling herself up onto the toy box to find new toys, and sharing with friends.  She's truly one of the big kids at our meetings now.
  • Realizing that no, Tye didn't break my laptop- she just pushed the brightness button and turned the screen off.  Whew!
  • Watching Tye chase after the farm dog at the orchard after a morning of apple picking.  She took off army-style to chase his wagging tail all around the yard and couldn't get enough of his long, red, soft fur.  
  • Pushing Tye in the swing at the park and hearing her giggle with every back-and-forth.
  • Hearing Ines tell me, "She's not going to get cancer from one dose of Tylenol" the morning after giving Tye a dose to ease her teething pain after two straight hours of non-stop full-out crying the night before.  Thanks, Ines, for keeping life in perspective.
  • Teaching Tye to clap to Pat-A-Cake yesterday.
  • This morning's mocha from the local bakery during our walk.  Tye was calm walking in the carrier, Mico waited patiently tied to the tree outside while I ordered, and I got my dose of coffee and feel like myself- not my sleep-deprived twin.  While I'm not proud of turning to caffeine, even on a rough morning, I know I'll be proud of what I accomplish thanks to the cup.  Like this post.
See, it was a good week, after all.


  1. I thought maybe I should clarify- Tye and I were not singing over the loudspeakers, Bob Dylan was. We just sang along. :)

  2. Wow, you ladies are busy! What a good idea to write things down like that. I just might start doing so myself. Maybe in a little journal. The time is going so fast that it would be nice to remember the days. And a little medicine to help ease the pain won't hurt... those teeth are killers!


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