Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When words aren't enough...

Remember Jen, the mother of my former student, who writes the blog that I first started reading? She wrote about the Bucktown Baby dress, knit lovingly for a baby in Chicago, and even wrote an entry about her daughter and me that brought me to tears. She sent the Bucktown Baby dress to Tye, and it arrived yesterday.
I've learned that in life, sometimes words can't express what we are trying to say, especially "thank you." We have learned to say "please" and "thank you" with such frequency that the phrases have lost much of their meaning. We train our kids to say the phrases courteously, but just try asking a three or four year old what they actually mean. When our lives are forever changed by someone's contribution, using the same phrase we repeat, often mindlessly, countless times a day, it just doesn't feel appropriate. Mere words don't seem to capture the deep gratitude we feel.
This is one of those situations for me. To receive a handmade gift is to receive the time and love that was put into it, and I am fully appreciative of all this dress really is. Even more, I'll forever hold in my heart the kind words so publicly posted about my time teaching Olive. She and I certainly had a fantastic connection, and it was my joy to be able to teach her. I don't have words that say "thank you" enough for everything that this dress will bring to mind every time I see it. With each wearing, I'll think of Olive, of your kindness, and what a knit hem facing actually says. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
And so, pictures to say "thank you" to Jen.
A box as big as she is! Already smiling in anticipation... maybe she could tell how excited I was!
When I first put the dress next to her, Tye wouldn't take her eyes off of it. But I missed the moment, and she was more interested in her feet in this moment. You can get a bit of an idea of how big the snapsuit and pants are in this photo- they will fit Tye in a few months. Already, though, the dress looks stunning! I love that this style will continue to fit her as she grows.
Look at the details, the pattern!
Look at the love that was put into the faced hem, also done on the sleeves and collar. (Sometimes more people than just the wearer get to see the hem!)
All smiles, all around. Thank you, Jen. Thank you.

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  1. What a beautiful dress, they must think a lot of you! She is beautiful and growing soooo fast, enjoy your time with her.


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