Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tye at the Farm

Tye is finally feeling better, and today we celebrated with a trip with our nature group to Wagner Farm in the gorgeous warm fall weather.  When she saw the animals, Tye started her excited quick breaths and extremity waving, though I'm not sure who enjoyed being out more- her or me.  
After exploring the farm and museum and a long, leisurely picnic that included a nap for Tye, we picked out some pumpkins and gourds. 

And Tye sampled the wood chips.


  1. What a wonderful way to bring in the fall season, looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. That's my girl!!!

    Sooooo big!!

  3. babies and pumpkins; can't get much cuter than that!! just found your blog.

  4. Super cute! Love pumpkin pictures!


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