Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mico 2.0

Saturday, we picked up Mico from his dog training! We had our first lesson with the trainers and they taught us how to work with Mico. Mico certainly gave them a hard time. Normally, the owners sit in a room next to the training room and watch the dog perform his new skills through a clear window without the dog knowing they are there. However, as soon as Mico entered the training room, he looked right through the glass and saw us. There went his concentration! The trainer had been explaining to us that his biggest challenge is distractibility. Our presence was the strongest distraction possible at that moment, and Mico gave the poor trainer a run for her money.
The biggest change in Mico is that he understands what a correction means. When he isn't following a command, a light tug on his collar is enough to change his behavior. He now heels really well, which makes our walks actually quite enjoyable. It's a wonderful experience! Mico still has some work to do in perfecting his skills, but he has a great set of base skills upon which we'll build.
Now that he's home, Mico is back to himself. He still loves to lay right next to Tye! I think he's going to be a great buddy when they both grow up.

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