Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marley and Mico

Before Mico, we had a Boxer named Marley. Marley had his issues, but he was a great dog to have at home.
One year for Christmas, my mother-in-law gave me the book Marley and Me. I read the stories of the disobedient, destructive yellow lab and was thankful that our Marley was such a good dog. I followed the tales and could relate to the ups and downs of pet ownership and the bond that develops between owner and dog. I cried at the end- huge, choking sobs- while I hugged my Marley. Marley passed away last February, while the Marley and Me movie was still in theatres, and I still haven't seen the movie. I know it would break my heart more than any movie should, and I just don't want to spend an hour and a half crying.
Mico entered our lives just weeks later, weighing roughly 90 pounds less than he currently does, and was such a needed source of laughter in our lives with his floppy gray ears and massive paws.
He's been a handful, though, to say the least. More than a few times, I've mentally referenced Marley and Me and thought, He could be worse. Maybe I shouldn't have been pressing my luck all those times. Yesterday, while visiting my parents in the suburbs, I left Mico in their bathroom as we've done so many times so he can't access the whole house and destroy at will. When I came home, I opened the door to find this.
I think we named the wrong dog Marley.


  1. What a patient mom you are to have a sweet baby and a big puppy like Mico. It's great to hear of your adventures! I wonder if the door tasted good?

  2. Oh no! And this is after puppy boot camp? Yikes! The second weekend we had Pax we left him in the car for a short while and when we came back out he had chewed through the seats, ripped open his food tub and treat bags, and eaten most of my book! It was insane! They are SO worth it though :) I love watching Jackson and Pax together and I'm sure Tye and Mico are just as cute a couple!

  3. Oh my god Emily! How funny! How embarrassing? Ahhh, you'll look back at these photos and smile someday.

    I never read Marley and Me but saw the movie. And I experienced those same, huge choking sobs:)


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