Friday, November 6, 2009

The Waiting Game

Tyler is working from home until I have the baby.  Everything at home is as prepared as it can be for such a huge change.  Bags are packed, the car seat installed, the gas tank full.  It's truly just a waiting game at this point.  
We've taken to telling Baby Girl multiple times a day, "It's okay to come out now," hoping that we can convince her to transition out.  On the other hand, she is obviously putting on some good weight while she's in there, judging by my ever expanding belly.  I'm amazed by the change in size of my belly over the past week.  I didn't think it could grow so much so fast at this point!  Baby Girl must be pretty cramped in there.  The right side of my belly is all elbows and knees and feet, and at any given moment, we can feel the sharp points of her limbs on that side.  We learned at our Childbirth Prep class that Baby Girl's current position, with her backside on my left side and her limbs on my right side, is the optimal position for beginning labor.  She's ready to begin the rotation that occurs during her decent.  Until then, she just aims all her jabs at that one side.  Won't it be amazing to see and hold those limbs?

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