Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Photos!

Mom and baby bonding in the birth tub

Having vitals checked briefly...
before rejoining mom for more skin-to-skin bonding (and recovery) time.
Open eyes!
Dad's first hold post-catch.
Sunday, waiting to go home.

Tye Tiana


  1. She is so so beautiful, Em and Tyler! These pictures are making me teary! We are SO happy for you guys, and send you our love and happiest thoughts as you celebrate the start of your lives as a family of three. Em - you are a CHAMP! You look beautiful and happy - a glowing momma. SO proud of you and your amazing work getting that girl out!

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  3. PERFECTION. No need to say more. Baby Girl Tye is perfect! I'm SO happy for you kids! Thank you, all three of you, for starting off our Sunday with the BEST NEWS! (I screamed so loud at the text message, Bryan thought I fell in the shower!) Em, your hardwork paid off lady...although I don't know HOW you managed. Congratulations and best wishes to you three. I love you so much! ~Jackie


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