Monday, November 2, 2009

38 Weeks!!!

We've made it to 38 weeks!!!  I really thought that this weekend would send me into labor, between our date night Thursday night, the Bob Dylan concert Friday night, and a long night dressed up and in high heels on Saturday night.  And yet, here we are!  
From here on out, it is a waiting game.  I went to my midwife appointment today, and my blood pressure is still great and I'm measuring a perfect 38 cm (pubic bone to top of my uterus- a measurement that is supposed to relate exactly to the number of weeks pregnant I am).  Baby Girl's heart beat still sounds great.  I made my appointment for next week and went on my way.  
My midwife did say that she has several women past their due dates, dilated to 3-4 cm, just waiting to go into labor. She said they are wondering what it is that will send everyone into labor, which got me wondering... When is the next full moon?  Well, it's tonight!  I've also heard Labor & Delivery nurses say that a sudden increase in barometric pressure will also put women into labor, and today's beautiful weather seems like it would have qualified.  Although I don't think either the moon or the barometric pressure will be enough to push me over the edge tonight, I wonder how full the Labor & Delivery departments will be tonight.  I'm thinking I won't find out first hand.

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  1. You still look great, Em! So exciting that she's almost here!


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