Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look at how cute...

Just look! How adorable!!! And yes, that is my belly in the bottom of the picture. Really. I thought I was out of the way, but apparently not. While I was tempted to crop it out, I thought you'd all get a good laugh out of it- and perhaps a taste of how in-the-way it is now that it's so big! The clothes are just, but I adore the sweater dresses, especially on sale. I also ordered these organic cotton teething toys from The green one is supposed to be green beans, and the other is a flower. Both looked easy for a young one to grasp and keep in hand, and any cotton items like this can be dipped partially in water and frozen for gum relief.
Also in the order from the Gap family of stores: my boots from Piperlime! These are the boots I decided on, in case you're wondering. I'm hoping they survive a couple Chicago winters in stylishly. I'm sure you'll see photos of me wearing them soon (unless this baby makes her debut- but I'm not even planning on it any time soon at this point...).
Boots by Wanted
I love shopping online and then getting packages!

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