Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here I am, just moments before the ultrasound...
And here is our baby girl!!!
Everything looks healthy according to the ultrasound.  We got to see all 10 little toes!  The doctor said by the measurements, the baby is 12 ounces (more than the average 8-10 for her gestational age) and closer to 20 1/2 half weeks (although I know I know that estimated due date isn't correct).  It is good to know that the baby is growing, healthy, and being well-nourished.  She may be a big one!  Her heart rate was 150 beats per minute, and we saw her moving around.  The detail we saw in person was amazing.  As the doctor moved the wand over my belly, we saw every detail about her- every vertebrae, every rib, her nose and eyes and lips, her heart beating.  Although we could only see one dimension at a time, in person, they all came together to show us the first pictures that actually resemble our daughter.   Tyler's convinced she has a little pug nose, even, just like his.
When we got home, Tyler got to feel the baby kick!  Tiana was over and was able to feel it, too.  Friday was really an amazing day of bonding with the baby- finding out the gender, seeing her so clearly, and Tyler feeling her move.  We spent most of the weekend in awe over the daughter in my tummy.  I can't wait to meet her.

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