Tuesday, June 23, 2009

By the Numbers

By the numbers (as of today, Tuesday June 23rd, 9:30 pm):
146    days until my due date
5         days until I reach the halfway mark, 20 weeks
65.5   hours until my ultrasound appointment (Friday at 3pm)
8         ounces the baby weighs now, roughly
6         inches from the baby's crown to rump
2.5     average number of times per night I get up to pee
90      average number of minutes between daytime bathroom breaks
>20    number of times today I've felt the baby kick
4         number of meals I've eaten today
>70    grams of protein I consumed today
894    miles away Tyler is right now in Hartford, CT
4         number of non-chewable items I've snatched from Mico's jaws today
5         number of chew toys Mico has laying around the living room
96      pages of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine I read tonight
20      minutes until I fall asleep, if I make it that long

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