Monday, June 15, 2009

18 Weeks!

Today I'm 18 weeks along.  154 days until my due date!  Want something to compare that to?  Obama has been in office 147 days by my count (that makes it feel like a long time!) and Christmas is 193 days away (that makes it feel like it won't be too long).  When I think that I am two weeks from being halfway, it feels like a very short amount of time to me.
I had an interesting occurrence today- my first truly weird pregnancy craving.  I was grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and picked up, among other things, peanut butter filled pretzels and wasabi peas.  On my car ride home, I ate them.  Both.  Together.  In the same bite.  My head was telling me that it was weird, that it shouldn't taste good together, that there should be something wrong.  And yet, when I tasted it in my mouth- salty pretzel, creamy, slightly sweet peanut butter, spicy horseradish-y wasabi, crunchy green pea... it just tasted so good.  
I came home and made a more sensible dinner after my snack attack. I sliced a golden heirloom tomato, sprinkled it with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt and drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil.  I have fresh basil in my patio garden, but that just didn't sound good to me (and yet, peanut butter pretzels with wasabi peas did?).  I sliced open a portion of fresh baguette and topped it with half of an avocado, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil, just as it's served in Spain.  I made mushroom quinoa soup with dried porcini, shitake, black, and oyster mushrooms and quinoa for protein and whole grains.  And, because it sounded good, I heated up two premade Trader Joe's egg rolls.  I suppose it is another interesting combination of foods.  At least this time, I ate each portion of the meal separately.  

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