Thursday, June 4, 2009

16 Week Appointment

Today was my 16 week appointment!  Everything is going well.  Tyler flew in for my appointment and my midwife, Jennifer, had him feel where my uterus is.  We also got to hear the heartbeat again.
I was really glad Tyler flew in today, because this morning was a little bit scary.  Around 9:15, I started having some painful cramps that got worse over the next 2 hours.  I called my midwife right away and eventually left work and decided to pick up Tyler from home and go to the emergency room.  There, I had an ultrasound, which ruled out signs of early labor, and had blood work and everything else done.  There wasn't an answer to what was causing the cramps, but everything serious was ruled out, so they said I would be okay and to come back if I felt worse.  By the time I left at 3:00 pm, the pains had started to ease and by the time we finished lunch, they were hardly painful any more- just uncomfortable.  Jennifer thought it could possibly have been scar tissue from my ectopic pregnancy surgery breaking apart as my stomach stretches, but we'll likely never know the cause.  While at the hospital, I learned that the baby is in the 47th percentile for size (the goal is 50th percentile, so we're near perfect!), and everything else looks healthy.  Of course, Tyler was disappointed that I didn't ask the woman doing the ultrasound what the gender was!  We'll have to wait for our appointment in the first week of July to see that.  So in the end, today was all about baby, but everything looks fine- sweet relief.  

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